The University of Toronto is committed to an accessible experience for all conference goers. If you have a specific accommodation need for the event please contact in advance and we will do our best to make appropriate arrangements. You may find during your visit that some University buildings and areas in the City of Toronto are not fully accessible. If you are able to identify your need in advance, we will work with you and do our best to find alternative arrangements if needed. Please see for more information about accessibility while visiting the University of Toronto.

To contact Students for Barrier-Free Access at the University of Toronto, click here.

Please note that there are a few steps up the following rooms: UC 65; UC 67; UC 85; UC 87
Please note that there are a few steps down the following room: UC A101


L’Université de Toronto est soucieuse d’assurer à toutes et tous l’accès à ses bâtiments. Certains d’entre eux ne possèdent cependant pas encore de facilités d’accès et c’est aussi le cas dans plusieurs endroits en ville. Si vous désirez une assistance à cet égard durant le colloque, veuillez écrire à l’avance à, en précisant vos besoins. Nous ferons tout notre possible pour vous satisfaire. Pour de l’information sur les facilités d’accès à l’Université de Toronto :

Pour rejoindre à l’Université de Toronto Students for Barrier-Free Access, cliquez ici.

All Gender Washrooms / Toilettes unisexes

The all gender washrooms on campus (not including residences) are single user washrooms – there are no multiple user all gender washrooms that are open to the public. We will designate all gender washrooms for the buildings in the conference hub. The locations of these washrooms will be posted soon.

Please click here for a list of single user washrooms on the St. George Campus.

Sauf dans les résidences, les toilettes unisexes du campus sont individuelles.
Pour identifier les emplacements des toilettes sur le campus St. George, cliquez ici:

Wheelchair Accessibility / Accessibilité en fauteuil roulant

Please see for more information about accessibility while visiting the University of Toronto St. George Campus.

The following interactive map provides information on wheelchair accessible buildings and washrooms:

Cette carte interactive indique les facilités d’accès sur le campus St. Georges de l’Université de Toronto : .

Cette autre carte interactive indique les édifices et les toilettes accessibles aux personnes en fauteuil roulant:

Accessible Presentations

Differences are not always visible or readily apparent.  To make the 2014 Berks as inclusive as possible, we ask you that you refrain from making any assumptions about the identities or common experiences of your fellow presenters or the audience.  Please also consider the following accessibility guidelines when designing your presentation.

  • Avoid all scented products while you are at the Berks.
  • Arrange to have a few print copies of your talk so that people can follow along with you; make handouts and presentation materials available in large-print (17-font) or other accessible format. (Include your contact info and state “Please do not distribute without permission.”)
  • Powerpoint slides should use a high-contrast colour scheme; minimal text; and large, easy-to-read type.  Make sure visuals are big enough to read from the back of the room.
  • During the presentation, try to speak clearly at a comfortable pace; avoid reading your paper
  • Describe the visual images and graphs you display during your presentation; if possible, arrange for captioning if you are using videos or films
  • Make sure the audience can see your face when you talk; this is especially important if you don’t have a microphone
  • Turn off projectors or video screens are not in use; this reduces background noise


Please be aware that many restaurants in downtown Toronto are not fully accessible.  Some have a step or two at the entrance, and many restaurants with an accessible dining area have inaccessible restrooms down (or up) a flight of stairs. The Berks dining guide includes accessibility information provided to us by the restaurantand we are providing a list of wheelchair accessible restaurants.  We strongly encourage you to phone ahead to make a reservation and discuss your accessibility needs.  Local organizations have also put together lists of accessible restaurant you may find useful. See blog TO’sYelp’s, and Dine here‘s lists. 

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