U of T Grad Students Take Over the Press

The Berks being is Toronto is a big deal and we wanted as many local students to be able to take advantage of it. To that end, we ran a competition in which we challenged local graduate students to write up their own featuring post detailing a panel, presenter or topic that they were excited about at the Berks. We hope you take a look and scout out what ‘the locals’ will do taking in, and why. Without further introduction, here are the three winners from the 2014 Berkshire Conference of Women Historians Featuring Competition!

Jacob Hogan on 176 P: Mad Men’s Histories: Television, Gender, and Cultural Memory

Patricia Kmiec on 29 RT: Encounters in Women’s History: The Influence of Alison Prentice on Women’s History, Feminist Scholars and Education

Sarah Livingston on 238 RT: Negotiating Jewish and Gender Identity on the International Political Landscape

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