Berks in the Media

“UTSC mounts first made-in-Canada Berkshire Conference on the History of Women” on University of Toronto Scarborough, posted May 4, 2014. Accessible at

Jennifer Evans, a PhD Candidate in history at the University of Toronto, reports of the significance of feminist mentorship and the positive impact that it has had on several younger Berks members. Posted May 6, 2014. Accessible at

Berks President Franca Iacovetta talks with Canada’s History Magazine.  Listen and the read the accompanying text and witness her enthusiasm for the conference, its location, and its history burst through! Posted March 13, 2014. Accessible at

Great overview of the conference in this article, which also interviewed key Berks people such as Program Coordinator Camille Begin and Berks co-chair Jayeeta Sharma, posted on May 13, 2014. Accessible at

Adele Perry, a professor at the University of Manitoba History Department and Berks co-chair, writing on Women’s history, Active history, and the 2014 Berkshire Conference, posted on May 13 and available at \

Profile from Saturday’s Star on renowned, fiery First Nations artist who speaks of mother Earth in new exhibition of performance, sculpture, installation. Posted on May 17, 2014 and accessible at

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