Open Competition For All U of T Grad Students

While we are hoping that as many graduate students as possible will attend the conference, we also understand that the $100 registration fee, though reduced, is still a substantial amount.

Over the past few months, this website has been highlighting certain presenters and sessions on our website (, and are happy to announce that we are opening this up to you. We invite you to go through our program (recently put online at to see what jumps out at you. Next, write up a 300-400 word post that explains your enthusiasm for a particular session, paper, and/or presenter to the Berks audience and send it to

The winning entry will be posted online and its author will be given free registration for the Berks!

This competition is open to all U of T graduate students. Submissions will be accepted until Friday, May 16th.

Good luck!

To get started, here are some selected sessions to explore:

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