“Documenting First Wave Feminisms” Book Launch

Friday, May 23, 2014 | 3-4 pm | Room 240 University College, University of Toronto

As part of the Berkshire Women’s History Conference please come and celebrate the publication of the two volume series Documenting First Wave Feminisms co-edited by Nancy Forestell and Maureen Moynagh. Volume 1: Transnational Collaborations and Crosscurrents, and Volume II: Canada-National and Transnational Contexts, mark significant contributions to the history of feminist movements transnationally and in Canada. documenting-first-wave-feminisms

Reviews for both volumes have been quite positive.

Volume I:

“By making available both classic and little-known pieces and placing them in a sound historical context, this anthology adds significantly to the sources on women’s transnational connections and makes an important contribution to scholarship. The editors have done an impressive job finding documents from non-European sources, especially from the global South. Their introductions to each section and biographical introductions to each author included are also impressive, demonstrating that they are clearly very well versed in the relevant literature,” says Leila J. Rupp, Department of Feminist Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara.

And for Volume II:

“First wave feminism has long awaited this kind of serious reconsideration,” writes Adele Perry, Canada Research Chair in Western Canadian Social History, University of Manitoba. “Adopting an appropriately capacious and self-conscious definition of what constitutes first wave feminism, Forestell and Moynagh gather together a wide-ranging and often fascinating collection of documents that shed new light on this politically ambitious and complicated movement, its national context, and its transnational connections.”

Hope to see you there!


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