Call for Billets, Billeters @ the Berks

Dear Colleagues,

The University of Toronto is hosting the first Canadian “Big Berks” – the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women – this spring, on May 22-25, in collaboration with universities in Toronto and across Canada.

There is a lot of excitement about our program and we want lots of people to come. There are many graduate students and contract faculty from outside Toronto who want to be here but cannot cover all the conference costs on their own. We can help them get here by offering them a free place to stay.

We are seeking volunteers in the Toronto area to provide lodging for attendees of this exciting international event.

If you have a spare room, bed, or comfortable couch that you are willing to share with a Berks attendee, please contact us and we will match you up with an appropriate lodger. To help us find the appropriate person, please also include any information regarding pets, allergies, and accessibility.

To volunteer space in your home, please email:
For the email subject line, please use: Billeting for Berks

For more information about accommodations at the conference, go to:

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in May!

Berks Billeting Committee: Sean Boyle and Stacy Nation-Knapper

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