Streams @ Berks

There is a lot to take in at the 2014 Berks, so much so that no one can possibly take it all in! But worry not because we have created a set of documents to help direct you towards sessions that align with your interests. Of course we also encourage you to explore new things!

Indigenous Histories @ the Berks

Disability History @ the Berks

Latin American Women’s Histories @ the Berks

Medieval and Early Modern Europe @ the Berks

Africa @ the Berks

Religious Studies @ the Berks

Asia @ the Berks

Francophone Worlds/Mondes francophones @ the Berks

LGBTQ Histories @ the Berks

Canada @ the Berks

Black History @ the Berks Part 1 – Slavery & Emancipation until 1890

Black History @ the Berks Part 2- African Diaspora in the Americas since 1890

Black History @ the Berks Part 3 – Caribbean

Oral History and Memory Naratives @ the Berks

We will be posted more Stream documents as the conference approaches!

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  1. […] The 2014 Conference Program is large. To help you navigate it and plan your days, we broke it down by days on our Berks by the Day page and by topics on our Streams @ the Berks page. […]

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