Cristina Rivera Garza @ the Berks

Come hear a leading-edge Latin Americanist at the Berks.  Why are we so excited about Rivera Garza?

A native of the border (Matamoros, Tamaulipas), Cristina Rivera Garza has lived and taught in Mexico and the United States. She has published extensively on the social construction of mental illness in Mexico and the history of early 20th century Mexican psychiatry. Her research has resulted in books and articles (Spanish and English) as well as award-winning novels, poetry and a widely read blog. She teaches writing, including Research Poetry and Documentary Writing, inside and outside the University of California. A celebrated novelist and poet as well as musician, cultural columnist for a Mexican paper, historian and blogger, she is an ideal keynote-quality panelist for a session on alternative ways of narrating gendered histories. Her presentation will address her current work on memory and history being conducted in collaboration with a group of Oaxacan Indigenous women in Mexico.

Roundtable: Alternative Forms and Methods in Narrating Latin American Gender History Cristina Rivera Garza participates in an exciting roundtable that brings together historians of the Americas who, alongside writing academic monographs, present the results of their research in film, social media, literary fiction, poetry and performance. In asking what, if anything, there is about the history of Latin America that makes it particularly productive to consider these alternatives to academic history, she offers historians of other regions the opportunity to reflect on the possibilities this might hold for their work. She suggests paths that run alongside, or even beyond, the broader highway of public history. (Stay tuned for a description of co-panelists and their important documentary, Piedra libre.)

“Writing in Communality: Memory and History in Mexico.”
Cristina Rivera Garza, University of California, San Diego.

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