Latest Announcements (February 3, 2014)

1-SSHRC Grant Success! Grad Student/low-income fees stay at $100!

Grad students – great news! We got the SSHRC Grant! So, we can keep grad student/low-income fees at $100! Thinking of coming to your first Big Berks, but not giving a paper? Go for it! So many fantastic scholars and activists, so many fabulous performers, so many contacts to make and all without the pressure of having to deliver a paper.

2- Canadian Heritage Grant Award confirmed.

This allows us to provide some simultaneous translation (English/French) at the Berks, as never before! We’ll provide simultaneous translation for the plenary and the sessions all in French and those in English and French. Check out the program for details.

3-Volunteer @ the Berks and Attend for Free

Calling on Toronto-based Grad Students: Be a Volunteer @ the Berks and Attend for Free!
Sign up for at least 12 hours of work on the conference (usually 3 4-hour shifts) and we’ll waive your registration fees. Interested? Contact to sign up. Use subject heading: Volunteer @ the Berks

4-Free Housing Billets for Grad Students and Low-income Scholars

Need a Free Bed @ the Toronto Berks in May? Got a Bed to Offer for a Berks Attendee?
Contact us at and we’ll match you up!
We’re calling on all faculty and grad students in Toronto who haven’t already offered their beds (and couches and floors) to Berks goers to help us bring more folks to the Berks, especially those who can’t afford the whole cost of the conference. Grad students and low-income scholars qualify for this billeting service. Berks Grad Student organizers will round up as many billets as possible. Torontonians are generous, it shouldn’t be too hard. We’ve got a fantastic program and we want as many of you as possible to join us in Toronto.

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