Poster Session, 2014 Berkshire Conference

The Poster Session aims to connect scholars from across fields and disciplines and provide them with a space to share and discuss current research as well as other presentations that cannot be easily accommodated in a regular panel session, such as work-in-progress, technology-bound projects, and table-sized exhibitions.

We are excited to announce the posters that have been selected! See below or click here.

Poster Session List of Participants
2014 Berkshire Conference on the History of Women

“The History of Women in All-Female Yueju (Shaoxing Opera).”
Huai Bao, Simon Fraser University.

“From Rupert’s Land to Canada West: Race, Gender and Intimacy in Fur Trade Networks.”
Krista Barclay, University of Manitoba.

“Tahrir Square: Locating Sexual Violence in Egypt.”
Anne Marie Butler, University of Buffalo.

“Women’s encounters across the Italo-Yugoslav border after 1945: Gendered memories between West and East.”
Chiara Bonfiglioli, University of Edinburgh.

“Boston from the Great Migration to the Busing Crisis: A Women’s Story.”
Julie de Chantal, University of Massachusetts, USA.

“Three Women Artists and the Mechanics Institute.”
Jennifer Seaman Cook, SUNY at Buffalo.

“Processing Herstory: The Records of the Women’s Center.”
Rachel Corbman, Lesbian Herstory Archives, New York.

“The Contemporary as History: Archives in and of the work of GB Jones.”
Jenna Danchuk, York University.

“‘Could You Be the Last Woman to Be Using Just One Deodorant?” The Appeal and Danger of the New ‘Essential’ Product for American Women, 1966-1973.”
Martha E. Gardner, MCPHS University.

“Independent Owners and Modern Managers: The Maclean Publishing Company and the Constructions of Middle-Class Businessmen in Canada, 1887-1914.”
Kristen Hall, University of Waterloo, Canada.

“‘Your Affectionate Little Elma’: Lady Elma Bruce’s Archive and her Imperial Childhood, 1847-1853.”
Jarett Henderson, Mt. Royal University.

“Silliness or Simulacra?: Cartoons of Women in High Tech at the Dawn of the Digital Age (1943-1971).”
Marie Hicks, Illinois Institute of Technology.

“Looking Back, Moving Ahead: Canadian Women’s Services, 1946.”
Sarah Hogenbirk, Carleton University.

“Paula Rego: Fathers, Daughters, and the Specter of the Colonial Wars (1961-1974).”
Memory Holloway, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

“Perfumers in eighteenth-century London and Paris.”
Kirsten James, University of Toronto.

“‘When Eve Span’: Women and Violence in the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381.”
Sarah Keeshan, University of Toronto.

“How did migration affect ideas of femininities? Postwar Italians and Hybridized Gender Identities.”
Abril Liberatori, York University.

“Parallels of Purity and Protest: Young White Women’s Sexuality in the Making of the New Left (1965-1978) and New Right (1998-2013).”
Kera Lovell and Jaime Hough, Purdue University.

“Campus Campaigns for the Vote: the Woman Suffrage Movement within American Higher Education.”
Kelly Marino, Binghamton University, SUNY.

“Prostitutes on the Edge? A Geography of Early Modern Bolognese Prostitution.”
Vanessa McCarthy, University of Toronto.

“Radical Scrapbooking: History, Practice, and Memory.”
Caroline Waldron Merithew, University of Dayton.

“Women’s Worlds in Qajar Iran.”
Afsaneh Najmabadi, Harvard University.

“Millie the Migrant: Bringing Birth Control to California’s Migrant Workers, 1939-1942.”
Kelly O’Reilly, Vanderbilt University.

“The Men Inside the Magazine: Visual Culture and   the Construction of Masculine Identity in Esquire and Playboy.”
Diana Reinhard, Temple University.

“Women’s Soundscapes: Noise Production and Regulation in Early Modern Florentine Enclosures.”
Julia Rombough, University of Toronto.

“‘Red War on the Family’: Sex, Gender, and Americanism, 1919-1929.”
Erica Ryan, Rider University.

“Maids in the Media and Manner Books: Irish and African American Domestic Servants in Britain and the United States, 1919-1939.”
Camesha Scruggs, Non-Affiliated.

“Becoming Citizens without the Rights of Citizenship: U.S.-born Women and the Loss and Reacquisition of Citizenship, 1907-1952.”
Brendan Shanahan, UC Berkeley.

“Treating with Eating: fasting girls and abstaining gentlemen in early nineteenth-century asylums.”
Kathryn Segesser, University of Toronto.

“Women on the Edge: Gendered Claims to    Public Space in the Nineteenth-Century Ohio Valley.”
Shannon Smith, St. John’s University.

“Performing Your Self: Psycho-Physical Culture, Nervousness, and the New Woman’s Vision of Health.”
Carrie Streeter, UC San Diego.

“Algeria’s Femmes Nouvelles: Depictions of the 1958 Women’s Solidarity Movement.”
Jaime Wadowiec, Binghamton University, SUNY.

“You Can Do It With A Hatchet: Women’s Temperance Activism, Liquor Laws, and Community Politics in the American Midwest, 1850-1874.”
Dawn Winters, Carnegie Mellon.

Séance d’affiches de la conférence Berkshire 2014 sur l’histoire des femmes
Toronto, du 22 au 25 mai 2014

La séance d’affiches vise à relier des chercheur(e)s de tous les domaines et disciplines et à leur fournir un espace dans lequel partager et discuter de leurs recherches en cours. Elle est aussi ouverte à d’autres présentations qui ne peuvent s’intégrer aisément dans un panel régulier, comme les work-in-progress, les projets reliés à des technologies et des expositions du format d’une table.

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